Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Final Ballot, Post-Mortem

Now that the election's over*, how did I do? Not well on candidates, but far better on the issues.

Out of 16 races with more than one candidate, the one I voted for won in only three of them. Kim Wyman's victory for Secretary of State is particularly narrow, only ~14k. If she holds onto it, however, she would be the only Republican to hold statewide office. In District 40, Jeff Morris defeated the only non-presidential third-party candidate on my ballot, the Green party's Howard Pellett.

U.S. President: Gary Johnson (Libertarian), VP James P. Gray
U.S. Senator: Michael Baumgartner (R)
U.S. Representative: Dan Matthews (R)
WA Governor: Rob McKenna (R)
WA Lieutenant Governor: Bill Finkbeiner (R)
WA Secretary of State: Kim Wyman (R)
WA State Treasurer: Sharon Hanek (R)
WA State Auditor: James Watkins (R)
WA Attorney General: Reagan Dunn (R)
WA Commissioner of Public Lands: Clint Didier (R)
WA Superintendent of Public Instruction: Write-in, Luisa Rey
WA Insurance Commissioner: John R. Adams (R)
WA State Senator, District 40: John Swapp (Ind-R)
WA State Representative, District 40, Position 1: Write-in, Rufus Sixsmith
WA State Representative, District 40, Position 2: Jeff Morris (D)
WA Supreme Court Justice, Position 2: Write-in, Adam Ewing
WA Supreme Court Justice, Position 8: Write-in, Timothy Cavendish
WA Supreme Court Justice, Position 9: Richard B. Sanders
WA Court of Appeals Judge, Division 1, District 3, Position 1: Write-in, Robert Frobisher
Whatcom County Superior Court Judge, Position 2: Dave Grant
Public Utility District 1, Commissioner District 2: Paul D. Kenner

I had far better luck on the issues. Out of ten issues, Washington and local voters agreed with me on eight of them. The exceptions are marijuana legalization and regulation, which passed 55-44 and a new local property tax, which passed 55-45.

I-1185, Two-Thirds Tax Requirement: Yes
I-1240, Charter Schools: Yes
R-74, Same-sex Marriage: Approved
I-502, Marijuana: No
SJR-8221, Altering the Debt Limit: Approved
SJR-8223, Public Fund Investments: Rejected
A-1, B&O Tax Increase: Repeal
A-2, Petroleum Tax: Repeal
Port of Bellingham, Prop-1, Number of Port Commissioners: No
City of Bellingham, Prop-1, Low-Income Housing Levy: No

*Since Washington is a 100% vote-by-mail state, and the last day for the ballot to be postmarked was election day, there may be up to two million ballots out there floating through the postal system, waiting to be counted. These results are, therefore, only provisional.

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