Monday, November 5, 2012

Final Ballot

One last post about the election before it's all over tomorrow (hopefully): My completed ballot. If you're in Washington, or even Whatcom county or Bellingham, feel free to make things easier on yourself by just voting the same as me!

A note on the write-ins: As a matter of democratic principle, I refuse to vote for anyone running unopposed. Back in Ohio, that meant I just didn't vote in some races. Here in Washington, every race allows write-ins, so I'm writing in some names to register my displeasure with the unopposed candidates.

U.S. President: Gary Johnson (Libertarian), VP James P. Gray
U.S. Senator: Michael Baumgartner (R)
U.S. Representative: Dan Matthews (R)
WA Governor: Rob McKenna (R)
WA Lieutenant Governor: Bill Finkbeiner (R)
WA Secretary of State: Kim Wyman (R)
WA State Treasurer: Sharon Hanek (R)
WA State Auditor: James Watkins (R)
WA Attorney General: Reagan Dunn (R)
WA Commissioner of Public Lands: Clint Didier (R)
WA Superintendent of Public Instruction: Write-in, Luisa Rey
WA Insurance Commissioner: John R. Adams (R)
WA State Senator, District 40: John Swapp (Ind-R)
WA State Representative, District 40, Position 1: Write-in, Rufus Sixsmith
WA State Representative, District 40, Position 2: Jeff Morris (D)
WA Supreme Court Justice, Position 2: Write-in, Adam Ewing
WA Supreme Court Justice, Position 8: Write-in, Timothy Cavendish
WA Supreme Court Justice, Position 9: Richard B. Sanders
WA Court of Appeals Judge, Division 1, District 3, Position 1: Write-in, Robert Frobisher
Whatcom County Superior Court Judge, Position 2: Dave Grant
Public Utility District 1, Commissioner District 2: Paul D. Kenner

I-1185, Two-Thirds Tax Requirement: Yes
I-1240, Charter Schools: Yes
R-74, Same-sex Marriage: Approved
I-502, Marijuana: No
SJR-8221, Altering the Debt Limit: Approved
SJR-8223, Public Fund Investments: Rejected
A-1, B&O Tax Increase: Repeal
A-2, Petroleum Tax: Repeal
Port of Bellingham, Prop-1, Number of Port Commissioners: No
City of Bellingham, Prop-1, Low-Income Housing Levy: No

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